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The Fiction of Keith L.White.

Keith has written 3 novels: a suspense/mystery set n San Francisco, and two supernatural thrillers. He is currently working on his 4th and 5th novels simultaneously. Since 2001, he's taught creative writing and self defense as a volunteer Teacher during the school year to 4th and 5th graders at an elementary school in San Francisco.

The Missing Target

Ever since his wife disappeared four years ago, private investigator Michael Talent seems to care a lot less about his future, let alone his own personal safety. That attitude is put to the test when the detective takes on a missing person's case centering on David Clayton, a bestselling author with a questionable reputation. The investigation becomes more complicated when Peter Metternick, a formidable espionage agent, delivers a cryptic warning that trouble is on the horizon.

Soon after his visit, the murders begin.

At first the killings seem unrelated--until Talent discovers that the trail of David Clayton leads directly through all of the murders and back to Peter Metternick. With kidnappers threatening him to stop the investigation and Clayton's seedy associates pressuring him to continue, it soon becomes clear that finding the missing author is essential to Talent's survival. Talent must contend with an elusive psychopathic killer, vengeful drug dealers, and a beautiful woman with a mysterious past while he zeroes in on the elusive target of David Clayton.

Without Warning

Former college football sensation David Shayde would like to forget his storied past and concentrate on his career as a successful attorney. But when the deaths of his wife and father send him to California to grieve and reflect, things are not as they appear.

His quiet solace is shattered when he and hundreds of other motorists finds themselves plunged into darkness and trapped on San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. As Shayde struggles to survive and attempts to unlock the mystery behind his confinement, he must contend with a professional killer, a moody scientist, a pair of rogue bikers and a beautiful but suicidal woman as time runs out--and the death toll rises.


Colorado, 1878: A Comanche seer convinces former Buffalo Soldier Jericho Raintree to find an eight-year-old Pawnee Indian girl who has been abducted by four murderous outlaws. After he tracks them to a remote Colorado mountain top and finds it engulfed by a supernatural cloud, Raintree discovers that there are things far worse than outlaws.

San Francisco, 1988: When Kenneth Lender's fiancée Monica returns from a vacation at Stonehenge with a nasty bruise on her head, her strange behavior leads him into a near fatal encounter that changes his life forever.

San Francisco, 1998: Lender is reunited with his ex fiancée and with the help of former gang member Kelly Sharp; the trio discover strange happenings at a homeless shelter. The result is journey through a dimensional portal and a frightening confrontation with an ancient evil.

Whereabouts unknown, 2014: Kenneth Lender wakes up mysteriously imprisoned at an abandoned research facility. A facility surrounded by armed mercenaries who are terrified by . . . something. Trapped with Lender are an escaped mental patient, a hot tempered skin head, a retired porn queen along with an elderly Pawnee woman and her niece. As past and future collide, the only thing that seems certain for Kenneth Lender and his fellow captives is a horrible death.

Town of No Exit

"Got some advice for you, Mister. Now you can take it or leave it for all I care. There's a town name of Shadow Springs not five miles over the hill where we come from. You'd best give it a wide berth. You'd be better off walkin' through a rattler's pit than goin' there."

Distancing himself from a violent life as a trail guide and scout on the western frontier, former Buffalo Soldier Jericho Raintree wants only to live a quiet life raising his adopted daughter. But things aren't that simple for the half-breed son of a runaway slave.

When Raintree makes a decision to help a young boy, the consequences catapult him into the remote town of Shadow Springs, where a monstrous entity beneath the town is terrorizing its residents. For the last six months, Shadow Springs has become a hell on earth from which no one has escaped alive. To see his daughter again, Raintree must find his way out of a town that has literally become a dead end.